Friday, November 2, 2012

Half Assed Crafts on Half Wit Rambles

I am all about crafting AND I love doing things half assed; usually the two of these things don't go together well, however today those two things came together and they are beeeeeautiful.

Behold, the Half Assed Bird Feeder; you can make it and say your kid did it, that way people won't judge you too harshly on your crafting skills OR you can tell them you drank a bottle of wine and did it, either way you are free from judgement-at least from me-unless you're drinking Mogen David wine and then you deserved to be judged, harshly, but I digress, let's get back to the "HABF" (you can pinterest the shit out of this blog post, it deserves to be pinned repeatedly with comments like "<3 <3" and "omg EASY" and "HABF OMGOMG!" things like that)

Here's what you need to make the HABF:

+An old reusuable bowl, particularly a wide but not very deep square container-use one that got kind of cruddy in the microwave or has a funny smell-birds don't care!

+A Phillips head screw driver

+Some sort of flame to heat the tip of the screwdriver up

+Yarn or twine or strong string

+Pony beads (optional)

+Bird seed

+A desire to feed birds

Heat the tip of the screwdriver and poke four holes in the bottom of the bowl; use yarn to make a hanger for it; you'll see in the pictures below how I did it. I also put pony beads on the bottom of the string to stabilize it a bit and to make it hang a bit more levelly. Tie those bad boys up into one main knot so you can hang it from a tree or whatever you want to hang it from, fill it with birdseed and voila! You have yourself a half assed, yet totally functional birdfeeder!